Meet & Bun

Meet & Bun is a fast-growing casual dining restaurant that specializes in custom burgers, house-crafted shakes, desserts, and unique sides including fresh cut fries, waffles, frozen custards. Using fresh local produce with intense attention to detail, Meet & Bun have created a simple delicious offering presented in a fun and impressive style.

Its strong focus on community and friendly service has made it a favourite meeting place for families and food lovers. As the burger category has rapidly expanded over the past decade, opportunities have emerged for a customizable burger offering which caters for specific tastes, diets, religions, and ethical requirements.

Meet & Bun offer organic, vegetarian, gluten free, halal, and kosher options. The wholesome burgers can be customized into over a 1,000 different burgers. It has been a key point of difference which every trained Meet & Bun burger chef creates into a flavour and visual masterpiece.

Facebook: meetandbun
Instagram: meetandbun
Opening hours:
11:30am – 9pm 7 days a week